Much like a car, your high-efficiency furnace and air conditioner requires routine maintenance to protect them from the wear and tear of regular usage

Increasing the lifespan of your furnace and air condition by 50%.

The Benefits of Preventive Maintenance

  • increasing the lifespan of your furnace and air condition by 50%.
  • Saving up to 40% on energy bills.
  • Increasing your indoor air quality and comfort level.
  • Improving your unit’s performance.
  • Keeping your extended labour warranty valid.

On top of that, for an appliance that runs on natural gas, carbon monoxide leak is also a pretty large concern for many people, which is why families keep a CO detector in the basement. During our maintenance, we use precision tools capable of detecting very small leaks that will not trigger your carbon monoxide detector. We also perform a list of other tasks during the maintenance visit, you can read about them below.

Steps Involved In Maintenance


✔ Cleaning the condensate drain and trap
✔ Cleaning inside of the furnace cabinet
✔ Changing or cleaning furnace filter (New filter doesn’t supply)
✔ Checking motor windings for the accumulation of dust which may cause overheating, and cleaning as necessary

Safety Inspection

✔ Safety test for carbon monoxide (CO)
✔ Safety check for fire and explosion hazard
✔ Inspecting for hazardous debris
✔ Retrieve stored fault codes
✔ Checking for blockage and/or leakage in the flue pipe system.

Efficiency Calibration

✔ Blower motor assembly, cleaning, and calibration
✔ Checking thermostat operation and battery level
✔ Measuring airflow and temperature
✔ Full cycle testing for the furnace
✔ Checking for proper ignition, burner flame, and flame sense on burners
✔ Checking electrical connections for tightness and/or corrosion in the wiring system.

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