New Boilers are Space saver, and energy efficient, with efficiencies as high as 98.5%.

Up to 50% saving on energy usage.

Boiler Replacement

Replacing a boiler with a high efficiency boiler?

Regardless of rental or buyout, Empower will help you determine which one is suitable for your home and budget, taking into consideration your daily water heating needs and energy usage expectations.

We specialize in installing and repairing BoschNavien, and Rinnai Boilers.  We ensure you complete customer satisfaction irrespective of asking you what model or type of boilers you are using, because over the years we have repaired and installed almost all types and models of boilers.

Our installed, serviced and maintained boiler system in your property will provide years of trouble free heating system. Whether your boiler has begun to show wear with temperatures not being maintained or they are leaking, Empower Home Comfort is able to repair and replace the system for both residential and commercial.

Your Boiler Options

Floor Stand Boiler

Floor stand boiler is one of the most common home heating systems that’s especially true for older houses in the downtown Toronto and other cold-climate areas. Boilers heat water, and then distribute hot steam or hot water to rooms through a series of pipes to heat the home. it’s a suitable option for houses heating by:

  • Steam Radiators
  • Hot Water Radiators 
  • Hydronic Radiant Floor Heating

Combi Boiler

As the name suggests, combi-boilers combine the work of two major appliances into one: the boiler and the water heater.

These units draw cold water in directly from the mains as needed and heat it on-demand, so there’s no need for a storage tank. Once the water is heated, it is either pumped through the boiler system to heat your home or distributed to the faucets and water lines as needed to provide your kitchen, bathroom, utility, and laundry rooms with hot water.

Combi boiler is ideal for smaller properties like townhouses, condos or apartments heating by:

  • Air Handlers
  • Low velocity  systems
  • High velocity systems
  • Hot Water Radiators

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Tankless Water Heater

✔ Endless supply of instant hot water.
✔ No storage tank saves valuable space.
✔ Ultra efficient with UEF up to 0.96

Water Filtration and Softener

✔ Filtration extends the life of your washing machine, water heater, dishwasher and more.
✔ Enjoy healthy, great-tasting, and odor-free water from every tap.

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