Heating and Cooling Repair Services

The team at Empower delivers a full range of heating and cooling repair services. Our qualified technicians are here to make sure your home stays protected.

Emergency heating and cooling repair services we offer in GTA, and Surrounding Areas

When the colder weather arrives,it’s important to have a heating system that’s running smoothly. If you turn your heating system on only to find that it’s blowing cold air or it’s not heating your home effectively, it’s time to call for heating repair.The team at Empower delivers a full range of heating repair services. Our qualified technicians are here to make sure your home stays protected from the cold. For heating and furnace repairs in the GTA, contact the team at Empower today.

Our Heating & Furnace Repair Services

Whether you have a furnace or a boiler, our qualified technicians can help get your heating system back up and running. We offer emergency service so that you know who to call if your heating system goes out in the middle of the night. No matter what is happening with your heating system, our trained and certified heating experts can help.

When you have a furnace repair emergency, you can trust an Empower furnace repair technician to arrive on time and to swiftly diagnose and repair the issue. With our decades of experience, we guarantee you will be 100% satisfied with our furnace repair service!

Your malfunctioning or broken down furnace could be due to something as simple as a broken thermostat or clogged, dirty filters—both of which are inexpensive and simple fixes—or it could be a result of a more severe problem. Call our expert furnace repair technicians to diagnose the issue and find out!

Common heating system problems

There are some common issues that can signal that your heating system is in need of repairs.

  • There is no air at all coming out of your vents.
  • Only cold air is blowing from your home’s vents.
  • Your heating system is making loud noises such as banging, popping, or clanging.
  • Your system can’t heat your home to a comfortable level.
  • The air in your home is constantly stale and you have noticed more dust.
  • Your energy bills have taken a steep rise.

If you have any of the above problems or you feel like your heating system is just not working to its full capacity, the team at Empower can help.

What if my system just can’t keep up anymore

There will be times when repairs will no longer help and it may be time to think about heating replacement. This may happen when your heating system is older than 15 years old, or it may be that a system has not been well maintained and it is costing more in repairs than it would to purchase a new system. Our technicians can help you to diagnose the issue and estimate on the cost of repair.

The diagnostic charge would be $75+HST and if your heating system is in need of replacing, your payment on diagnostic and troubleshooting will be considered as a credit on your purchase. In addition, our team of experts will give you an honest opinion and help you to pick a new heating system that will better deliver heat to your home.

Any home or business will require air conditioner repairs eventually, but you can choose who you trust to take care of this incredibly important system. Choose an air conditioning repair company that prides itself on customer satisfaction. At Empower Home Comfort, we offer a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. Our AC repair specialists take a pledge to provide you with the utmost professional, reliable customer service.

If your air conditioner is not working correctly, contact us online or give us a call. One of our AC repair experts will be happy to provide you with a written proposal for repair services.

When you need a repair, you want it fast, and you want it done right the first time! But what if the service you get differs from the service you want? Do you feel like you’re being scammed by your AC repair service provider? The sad truth is, you might be right!

When you choose Empower Home Comfort for your air conditioning repair, you’re guaranteed fast, effective, and trustworthy service. We’ve been providing superior repair for years, and we strive to always exceed expectations.


Need trustworthy, dependable, and professional AC repair for your home or Business? Contact Empower today!

Common air conditioner problems we experience in the GTA

While there is a wide range of issues you could potentially experience with your air conditioner, there are some problems our cooling specialists see more than others. Some of the most common GTA air conditioner repair issues involve:

  • Refrigerant leaks
  • Broken thermostat
  • Lack of maintenance
  • Electric control failure

If your air conditioner won’t turn on, is making unusual noises, or isn’t sufficiently cooling your home, call Empower . We offer affordably priced air conditioning repair services on equipment from any major brand, including: Amana, Carrier®, Trane, Lennox, Goodman, Bryant, American Standard, York, and Payne.

Is AC repair Enough

There are some cases where an air conditioning repair may not provide the best resolution to your issues—for example, if your unit is over 15-years-old, an AC replacement is likely more cost effective in the long run.

If our technicians diagnose your problem and find that it’s time to buy a new air conditioner, we can recommend a new central AC system to meet your needs. Empower provides professional installation of all our air conditioning systems for homeowners in the GTA

In normal daily life, you become so accustomed to having hot water on tap that little attention is paid to how it gets there until it is no longer available. Your water heater, whether the tank type or the tankless version required regular maintenance in order to maintain efficiency and prevent Water Heater Repair and Service in Toronto, ON. Of course, even regular maintenance is no guarantee that this will never happen, however, it will prolong the instance of this ghastly event.

Enjoy Warm Water

Picture coming home from your afternoon run or coming in from a cold downpour of rain and stepping into the shower. You turn the tap and the warmth engulfs you but that is short lived. Suddenly the water turn icy cold and your nightmare begins. Something has gone horribly wrong, it can’t be the water that has run out, you are the only one home so it can only be a fault. Empower Home Comfort is available anytime day or night and any day of the week for just such an emergency. We carry out Water Heater Repair and Service in the GTA, ON that will have you enjoying the steamy, blissful pleasure of a hot shower again in no time at all.

Repairs – Reliable and Result Providing

Your water heater is a complex system of parts and anything can wrong at any time. Whether your installation is gas or electrically-driven it will be prone to breakdown at some point, regardless of regular maintenance. There is nothing more disheartening than starting the day off with a cold shower and nobody should have to endure that. We, at Empower Home Comfort, take care of our customers in every way possible. We are quick to respond to your calls for help, our trained team rushing to your aid. We are able to evaluate and troubleshoot the problem and provide you with an upfront quotation on the cost implications of carrying out the repair. We are fast to get the ball rolling once you have approved and endeavour to have your water heater back to piping hot in record time. The wonderful thing about upfront pricing is there are no nasty surprises that await you.

Enhance Water Heater Performance

You know before you give the go-ahead what the cost will be and that is what you pay. Our Water Heater Repair and Service in Toronto, ON guarantees you an enhanced performance of your equipment and longevity overall. If a repair will have no positive effects then we won’t carry it out, we would much rather save you the unnecessary costs and provide an alternative solution that will save you in the long-term. Call Empower Home Comfort today to experience warm water on tap. We keep your water running hot when you need it most. Our service delivery is impeccable, our equipment superior and our workmanship is unmatched in the industry. We serve you with pride and believe nothing less than the best is good enough for our clientele.

One of the major advantages of a boiler is that it has few mechanical parts, which means it typically lasts for many years. However, when one does need repairs, it’s important to not take any chances with your safety and entrust the help of a professional, like our Empower boiler repair specialists.

Most often, when a boiler stops functioning as it should, the problem is with the expansion tank or circulator. However, it’s important to be aware of common problems so you know when to call us for repairs.

These problems include:

  • It doesn’t produce any heat
  • It is leaking or dripping
  • It makes banging, whistling, or gurgling sounds
  • It keeps turning on or off
  • It doesn’t produce enough water pressure

Extend the life of Your Equipment

Our work is guaranteed to extend the life of your equipment and enhance the performance considerably. Our upfront pricing provides peace of mind that you will only pay what we quoted and nothing more. We understand that repairs are unplanned and definitely not budgeted for and that waiting for a final figure after the fact can be nerve wrecking.

Don’t suffer through a cold winter. Call 1-800-375-8984 for fast and reliable boiler services

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