Navien NPE-A


✓ Exclusive ComfortFlow®.
Internal recirculation pump and buffer tank.
✓ Up to 0.99EF.
✓ Endless hot water.
✓ No cold water sandwich effect.
✓ Compact space-saving design.
✓ Lower energy bills.
✓ 15-year warranty dual stainless steel heat exchangers


Endless hot water when you want it.
Navien tankless water heaters deliver a continuous flow of hot water for as
long as you need it. There’s no waiting for a storage tank to warm up.

No “shower shock” effect
Navien NPE-A models have the built-in ComfortFlow® system which eliminates a sudden
blast of cold water during your hot shower, also known as “shower shock” cold water sandwich.
This issue is common on many competitor’s tankless water heaters.

Compact design saves space
The Navien NPE Series sleek, wall-mounted tankless water heaters occupy
80% less space than traditional 50-gallon tank water heaters.
These compact tankless units can also be installed in cabinets or small
closets, unlike bulky tank water heaters.

Credits and rebates
There are a variety of energy efficiency credits and rebates available.

[expand title=”Lower energy bills, easier on the planet“]Unlike systems that waste energy to heat large
tanks of water, Navien tankless units utilize .98¢ of every $1 to heat your water. Unlike a conventional
tank system, it only fires up when hot water is needed allowing great utility savings and a lower
impact on the environment. What’s more, Navien tankless heaters reduce CO2
output by ~1,216.8 lbs.**
per year compared to traditional tank type heaters. Navien NPE‑Series tankless water heaters are the most
efficient according to the EPA Energy Star Directory[/expand].

Exclusive built-in recirculation system
included on all NPE-A models

Navien ComfortFlow® is the first and only system that incorporates a built-in insulated buffer tank and recirculation pump.
The buffer tank eliminates the “cold water sandwich” effect and issues of minimum flow rates commonly found in other tankless water heaters.
The recirculation pump saves on water bills by reducing the time to get hot water.
When activated, the optional ComfortFlow mode results in additional energy usage.